Save Email Settings in Learning Assignment Drafts - Create Draft

Administrators can save a draft of a learning assignment they began configuring but did not submit. The draft can then be accessed later for editing and submission. With this enhancement, email configurations saved with the draft persist when the draft is accessed at a later time.

Create and Save Draft Learning Assignment

To save a draft of an assignment you have begun to create, click the Save Draft button at the bottom of any page in the create assignment workflow. The draft will be saved, and you will be redirected to the Manage Learning Assignments page. Your draft assignment can then be accessed and completed later.

Any email settings you have configured for the learning assignment will be saved in the draft, and will be available when you resume the draft in the future.

To access a draft learning assignment from the Manage Learning Assignments page, either click the title of the draft learning assignment or click the Options drop-down arrow to the right of the draft and click the Resume Draft link.