Refresh and Resubmit Session Roster

With this enhancement, administrators and instructors can resubmit a roster that has been stuck processing for more than 24 hours.

To access the ILT session roster, go to ILT > MANAGE EVENTS & SESSIONS. Search for the appropriate event and next to the event in the search results, in the Options column, click the View Sessions icon. Next to the appropriate session, in the Options column, click the View Roster icon.

If a session roster has been stuck processing for over 24 hours, a pop-up will appear to the administrator on the Roster page, alerting them that their roster is stuck. The administrator can click the Refresh button to refresh the Roster page, and after the page has refreshed, the administrator can resubmit the session roster using the Submit button.

Note: If the roster remains stuck even after refreshing the page and resubmitting the roster, it may be necessary to open a case with Global Customer Support.