Reporting Fields - Learning

With this enhancement, the following new Learning field is available in Reporting 2.0:

Field Name Field Description Field Type
Training ID Common Across All Versions

This field will allow the administrator to connect different versions of a training item together, helping to show which versions of the training have been distributed to which users at any time for a specific training. This is particularly useful if the training title has changed from one version to the next. This field applies to the following training types:

  • Curricula
  • Materials
  • Online courses
  • Tests

Note: If a supported training type only has one version, this field returns a blank value.


Also with this enhancement, the following existing Learning field has been updated:

Field Name Field Description Field Type
Transcript Delivery Method

This field displays the method by which a training item was added to the user's transcript. Possible values include:

  • External Progress (this is a new value added with the Oct 2021 release)
  • Self-Requested System Assignment (LAT)
  • Direct Assignment
  • Express Class
  • External Progress
  • Assignment (This category is representative of historical data records prior to the Feb '19 release which are not reliable and therefore have been contained separately to preserve data quality. Over time, this category will be deprecated.
  • Other - The Other status appears for all other miscellaneous transcript delivery cases, including: Assignment via Inventory Added by Training Plan Historical Data Loads (except in certain cases described in above values) Data Load Wizard


This functionality is enabled by default in all portals using the Learning module and Reporting 2.0

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