Metadata Preservation for Content Subscriptions and Integrations

When an organization purchases a content subscription or integration, courses from the subscription or integration are automatically loaded into their portal via the Content Delivery System (CDS). These courses are added to the portal with pre-populated metadata, including the course title, description, and keywords. After a course has been loaded into a portal via the Content Delivery System, administrators can manually edit the course's metadata using the Course Catalog or Course Console. However, this capability can result in issues when content providers push metadata updates for their courses, as any metadata manually changed by an administrator will be overwritten by the automatic metadata updates from the provider.

With this enhancement, organizations can opt to have automatic metadata syncs from content providers blocked, which prevents manual metadata updates from being overwritten. Metadata update blocking is NOT turned on by default, but organizations can open a case to turn this feature on if they wish to protect their manually-updated metadata from being overwritten.

This functionality as been delayed to the May 2022 release.


If metadata preservation is enabled in the portal, metadata updates are only blocked for the following fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Any localizations provided for the above fields

Course metadata fields other than the fields listed above WILL be overwritten, even when metadata preservation is enabled in the portal. Note: Subjects are never overwritten. Subjects from content subscription course updates are appended to the existing subjects in the portal.

Metadata blocking applies to the following training types:

  • Online classes
  • Online content


This feature is opt-in, meaning it is NOT turned on by default. If an organization wishes to enable metadata blocking in their portal, to prevent manually modified metadata from being overwritten when content subscriptions and integrations are synced, please open a case with Global Customer Support. This functionality will be release in a post-release patch.