Maintain Completed Child Training Due Date During Curriculum Assignment

Prior to this enhancement, when a completed child training item was reassigned to a user via another curriculum, or the completed child training item was removed and then reassigned via the same curriculum, the completed child training due date would display a blank value. In reporting, this created the false impression that these completed child training items never had a due date or were never assigned

With this enhancement, when a completed child training item is reassigned via another curriculum or via the same curriculum, it is restored to the user's transcript with the correct due date. Administrators can view the due dates of reassigned completed child training on users' transcripts and in reporting.

Note: The restored due date is the due date that existed at the time of time of the child training's completion. However, if the completed child training of a curriculum is removed via a dynamic learning assignment with a due date that was relevant at the time of completion, the due date is recalculated based on the due dates applicable for the child training assigned via other curricula. If the child training is removed and restored via the same curriculum, then the due date of the assignment is considered and applied accordingly.


This functionality is enabled by default in all portals using the Learning module.