Curriculum Versioning Enhancement - Removal of Appended Training

Prior to the Oct ’21 release, when a material or online course contained within a curriculum was versioned with append versioning, and then the material or online course was removed from the curriculum structure, it did not become a standalone training item if it was in a Registered or In Progress status. Instead, the training was not visible when viewing a learner’s transcript, but related email notifications (such as past due notifications) would be sent to the learner for the training. The training was also included in reporting.

With the Oct ’21 release, a new setting has been added to Curricula Preferences, allowing administrators to set the default action for child training versioned with append versioning, at the time of its removal from the curriculum structure. Administrators can either opt to keep the child training as standalone training on the learner’s transcript or remove it from the learner’s transcript. In addition, a toggle for this setting controls whether this default value can be overridden at the curricula level at the time of the training removal.


  • If the child training is available in the transcript as a standalone item in addition to being contained within a curriculum, and then the administrator chooses to remove the child training while removing the curriculum, no action will be taken on the child training because the child training exists on the user's transcript as a standalone item.
  • The training removed from users' transcripts can be viewed in Reporting.
  • The options selected by the administrator will be available in audit logs.


This functionality is automatically available in all portals using the Learning module. This enhancement does not apply to training versioned prior to the Oct '21 release.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Curricula Preferences Grants ability to configure Curricula Preferences, which grants the ability to allow or disallow the same learning object (LO) from being added to multiple recurring curricula. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration