Audit Trail Enhancements - Generate Audit PDF

If Audit Trail functionality has been enabled in your portal, administrators can generate audit PDFs from users' transcripts and from the Course Console.

Generate Audit PDF from User Transcript

To generate an audit PDF from a user's transcript, the administrator can access the Training Details page for a training item on the user's transcript and click the Generate Audit PDF link located above the Training Details table.

Generate Audit PDF from Course Console

To generate an audit PDF from the Course Console, the administrator can navigate to the Course Console page for a specific training item, click the Options drop-down arrow, and then select the Generate Audit PDF link.

Audit PDF Report Output

The report output displays detailed information about the training item's history on the user's transcript, including the following information:

  • Field Name - The field that has changed
  • From - What the field value changed from
  • To - What the field value changed to
  • Actor Name - The name of the user who changed the field value
  • Action Date - The date the field value was changed
  • Comments - Any comments an administrator may have provided for the change