Accept Progress for Online Content Launched Externally

Prior to this enhancement, when a learner consumed online content directly from an integrated provider's site, their course progress and course completion were not recorded in their Cornerstone transcript.

With this enhancement, all progress data for online content launched directly from an integrated provider's site is automatically recorded to the learner's Cornerstone transcript and within Cornerstone reporting functionality, just as if they had launched the course from within the Cornerstone system. The progress data will match the data provided by the content provider's site. Consequently, this enhancement allows for real-time progress data visibility in a single system of record. Note: The online content consumed directly from an integrated content provider must also be present in the Course Catalog in order for the external progress to be recorded to the learner's Cornerstone transcript.


This enhancement applies to the following integrated content providers:

  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Udemy
  • Percipio


  • Only the following two training statuses are supported by this integration:
    • In Progress
    • Completed
  • A Completed status cannot be reverted back to an In Progress status. Any progress data communicated after the online content completion will update all values except completion status and completion date.
  • Historical completion records for external launches, which were NOT supported by the Cornerstone system prior to this enhancement, will not appear on the Cornerstone transcript following this enhancement.


This functionality is turned on by default for all portals using the Learning module. If an organization is not currently using an integrated content provider but decides to use an integrated content partner in the future, the functionality of this enhancement will automatically be available.