Feedback Template - Request Someone to Rate Themself

The "Request Someone to Rate Themself" template enables administrators, managers, or other leadership roles to ask others to rate themselves from a list of skills that they have chosen. The person who creates the request is able to select which skill are included in the request.

Users who have permission to request others to provide feedback on themselves will have access to this template when requesting feedback in My Feedback Requests. See Skills Profile - My Feedback Requests.

To manage capabilities feedback templates, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Feedback Templates.

General Settings

The following default values are set for this template on the General Settings page:

  • Template Name for Requestor - Request someone to rate themself
  • Description for Requestor - Initiate a request for someone to rate themself. This will help create a picture of where this employee stands with their skills.
  • Template Name for Rater - Rate yourself on your skills
  • Instructions for Rater - Reflect and provide feedback on your skills. This will help you create a picture of where you stand.
  • Rater Relation - Self
  • Dimensions - Proficiency, Interest
  • Default Visibility - Rater, Target User, Target User's Direct Manager

Feature Connectors

On the Feature Connectors page, the Request Builder feature connector is available for the Request Someone to Rate Themself template.