Feedback Template - Request Private Feedback

The "Request Private Feedback" template enables employees to request others to provide private feedback. The person who creates the request is able to select which skill are included in the request.

Users will have access to this template when requesting feedback in My Feedback Requests. See Skills Profile - My Feedback Requests.

To manage capabilities feedback templates, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Feedback Templates.

General Settings

The following default values are set for this template on the General Settings page:

  • Requestor Title - Request Private Feedback
  • Requestor Instructions - Request someone to provide private feedback about you. This feedback will only be visible to you and the person providing feedback.
  • Request Target User - Requestor
  • Rater Title - Give Private Feedback on Proficiency
  • Rater Instructions - Provide feedback on this person's skill proficiency. This feedback will be private between you and the person you are giving feedback on.
  • Dimensions - Proficiency
  • Visibility - Target User, Rater
  • Rater Relation - Anyone (but self)

Feature Connectors

On the Feature Connectors page, the Request Builder feature connector is available for the Request Private Feedback template.