Capabilities Library - Search the Skills Graph

With this enhancement, administrators can search for skills within the Skills Graph when creating a skill and import it into the organization's Capabilities Library. When creating a skill, an auto-complete drop-down suggests skills from the Skills Graph and helps identify any duplicates that are already in the portal's library. Once a skill is imported, the description is displayed as a preview and can be modified at any time for clarity or to align with an organization’s communication style. Administrators are free to ignore suggestions and can create custom skills as needed.

A skill added from the Skills Graph should have the source set as "Cornerstone Skills Graph" once it is created.

Upon search, if the administrator selects a skill that is already imported in their library, a warning is displayed to indicate that the skill already exists in the portal's library.

To create a capability from the Capabilities Library, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Library. Then, select the Create button.