Edge Import - Single Tile in Edge Marketplace for All Loads and Feeds

Edge Import is a product that incurs a flat recurring cost no matter how many Edge Import product solutions a customer uses, but prior to this enhancement, each Edge Import product solution displayed as a separate tile in Edge Marketplace.

With this enhancement, all Edge Import product solutions have been consolidated into a single tile in the Edge Marketplace, which simplifies the Edge Import purchasing and enablement process for administrators. Now, customers can access the single Edge Import tile in the Edge Marketplace to initiate the purchase of all the available loads and feeds at one time.

Customers that have already purchased Edge Import will have access to Edge Import core and learning loads, and they will have access to all available loads and feeds in Edge Import, including Compensation loads (generally available) and Performance Review loads, which are new with the Oct '21 release.


This functionality is automatically enabled in the Edge Marketplace for all Edge Import customers. All load types will be visible in the Edge Import user interface (UI), even if the customer does not have all products installed.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Edge Marketplace - Manage Grants access to the Marketplace service for Edge Integrate where the administrator can browse and purchase integrations that can be used to extend the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge