Edge Import - Learning Load Enhancements (Transcript Loads)

With the October '21 release, additional functionality has been added to Edge Import for Transcript loads to help improve the administrator experience.

Enable Emails to be Triggered for Trainings with Due Dates

Prior to this enhancement, "Training is Due" emails were not sent for transcript records loaded via Edge Import.

With this enhancement, the following new configuration question is available for Transcript loads:

  • "Should emails be triggered when due date is provided?" - This question provides administrators with the flexibility to specify whether "Training is Due” emails configured for the training should be sent. When this question is set to Yes, the “Training is Due” email will be triggered as configured in the portal for training items that have been configured to use system default emails, and the due date provided in the load is a future date or today’s date. The "Training is Due" email will also be sent if the due date provided in the load is a date in the past and the "Training is Due" email is expected to trigger within 24 hours from the date and time of the import.

Ability to Update from Approved Status

Prior to this enhancement, a registration date was required in order for Edge Import to locate and update the transcript record. It was not possible to update training on a learner’s transcript using Edge Import when the training was in an Approved status.

With this enhancement, it is possible to update training in a learner’s transcript when that training has no registration date or the training is in an Approved status.

Supported Load Types:

  • Video Transcript
  • Material Transcript
  • Online Course Transcript
  • Test Transcript
  • Curriculum Transcript
  • ILT Sessions
  • External Training


The radio button for the new "Should emails be triggered when due date is provided?" question is automatically available but is set to No by default. Following the release, existing saved template configurations will have this question set to No by default as well.

The ability to update from an Approved status is on by default. Additional instructions will be included in the template guide in Edge Import.