Workflow Engine (Early Adopter)

Workflow Engine is a new process orchestration platform that is the foundation for process management across all Cornerstone talent suites and external integrations. It is built using Amazon Web Services and is highly extensible and scalable.

Workflow Engine is flowchart-based and used to configure and edit workflows.

For early adopters, Cornerstone is combining the power of Workflow Engine with the Cornerstone HR Forms feature to support complex data management workflows, focusing on focus on Employee Self-Service, Manager Proxy, and Admin Proxy forms use cases. This is a significant expansion in the process capabilities over the current forms approval workflow.

The following features are included with Workflow Engine (Early Adopter)

  • Multiple Employee Data Management Forms – No limit on the number of forms that can be used in a single workflow.
  • More Than 5 Approvals (Unlimited Approvals) – No limit on the number of approvals.
  • Parallel Completion of Forms – Multiple users can update employee data, for example Management, HR, and Payroll can update employee data asynchronously.
  • Conditional Based Branching – Provides unique execution paths based on user information.
  • Dynamic Assignment – Logical reduction of assignees based upon user organizational unit (OU).
  • Automatic re-assignment - Ensures workflows do not fail service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Manage workflows - Manually re-assign or terminate workflows.
  • Workflow library - Contains all workflows created within a portal, which users can activate, inactivate and archive.

Starter Guide

Click here to view the Workflow Engine Starter Guide.

Considerations for Early Adopters

  • Workflow Engine can be used for “Employee” target users, but not for onboarding or applicant use cases.
  • Self-service and proxy use cases are supported, but future dated scheduling is not supported.
  • Deny and Return outcome of Approval Activity always returns the workflow to the first form in a Form Approval sequence.
  • Localization is not available for Workflow Name, Workflow Description, Activity Title, and Activity Description fields.

Implementation for Early Adopters

  • Cornerstone HR customers interested in becoming Workflow Engine Early Adopters can submit a case to customer support for enablement.
  • Once enabled, customers see a new “Initiate Workflows” option added to Universal Profile Options menu. Workflows use forms in the existing Forms Management forms library.
  • Existing Forms reporting is supported.
  • Existing email notifications for forms and approvals are reused for Workflow Engine.