Workflow Engine - Assign Workflows

Use the Workflow Engine Workflow Actions page or the Universal Profile page to assign workflows. The workflows that appear on each page depend on the triggers set when editing or creating the workflow. See Workflow Engine - Manage Workflow Triggers.

To access the Universal Profile page, go to Home > Universal Profile. Click the Actions page.

Self-assign Workflows

Use the Universal Profile page to self-assign workflows with triggers set to Employee self-service. There are several ways to initiate a workflow in the Universal Profile. This procedure uses the Universal Profile actions page.

To self-assign workflows:

  1. On the Action page, click the ellipses next to View Teams and select Initiate a Workflow. The Initiate a Workflow page opens to display active workflows with Employee self-service triggers.
  2. Click Start for the appropriate workflow. Forms and Approval activities within workflows generate Actions and Requests in the corresponding Universal Profile pages.