Resume Snapshot

Prior to this enhancement, the parsed data from downloadable resumes was not always matching the downloadable resume version. This would occur when a candidate applied to multiple jobs at the same organization but submitted different downloadable resumes for each job. The most recent downloadable resume submitted was displayed for previously submitted jobs. This caused confusion and lack of trust in the data when a candidate's resume content did not match across the application.

With this enhancement, candidate application data will now reliably reflect the application data as it is submitted. This means that parsed resume fields will no longer be overwritten by subsequent application’s resumes. Universal Profile resume data will continue to reflect the most recently submitted application resume. The parsed fields will now always be updated to match the submitted resume. Any updates will be visible across the candidate's applications, as well as in any applicable fields on the Universal Profile.

Note: Resume parsing is enabled or disabled when configuring the Upload Attachments action item in the application workflow. See Application Workflow - Upload Attachments.


  • Resume data that is also shown on the Universal Profile will be updated with any changes based on the new submission of a candidate's resume.
  • For candidates who are added or moved to a different requisition from Manage Candidates, their resume data will be copied from the source application to the target application.
  • This enhancement does not impact third party recruiting solutions, such as a scoring vendor's ability to GET resume details from Cornerstone via Candidate API. However, this enhancement provides the infrastructure for a potential future API enhancement to support that use case.
  • This enhancement does not impact a recruiter’s ability to maintain talent pools.
  • This enhancement does not add or change existing reporting fields, which do not include resume-specific data.
  • This enhancement does not change Candidate Search Query results. Candidate Search Query relies on Universal Profile data, which is not impacted by this change.
  • Continuing an incomplete application is not impacted by this enhancement.


Upon implementation, this functionality is available for all portals using Recruiting.

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