Reset Candidate Password Enhancement

With this enhancement, when a candidate password is reset, the system will now validate that the new password is unique and does not duplicate a previously used password for the account. Prior to this enhancement, there was no such validation when a candidate's password was reset.

This is a beneficial change for instances in which a recruiter uses the same password for all candidate password reset requests and a candidate requests subsequent resets. A unique password will need to be provided for those subsequent password resets, whereas prior to this enhancement, it was possible to use the same password to reset a candidate's password.

Note: Resetting a candidate's password is done from the Reset Candidate Password option on the Applicant Profile page. See Applicant Profile Page Overview.


This enhancement is available in Stage portals on 7 July 2021 and is planned to be available in Production and Pilot portals as part of the October '21 release.

Upon implementation, this enhancement will be on by default for customers that have a default password set for their portal; this will be a phased rollout by swimlane and will follow the same rollout schedule as the Default Password Management enhancement. Customers that do not have a default password set for their portal will not be impacted by this enhancement.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Applicants: Reset Candidate Password Grants ability to change a candidate's password. This permission controls the ability to see the Reset Candidate Password option in the Options drop-down on the Applicant Profile page. The option is only visible to users with this permission. This permission cannot be constrained. Recruiting