Manage Candidates - View Messages

With this enhancement, a Candidate Messages section is added to the applicant carousel to display the message history. This section lets you view message threads that originated from Manage Candidates. The most recent message appears first.

To view the full thread, click the message.

Emails initiated on Manage Candidates are only visible on Manage Candidates. In addition, the following message types will not appear here:

  • System-generated emails
  • Custom emails sent from Manage Applicants or the Applicant Profile page

Note: New messages sent while viewing the profile page in Manage Candidates will not appear until the profile is closed and reopened or a different candidate's profile is selected. This will refresh the message history.

Note: To access the applicant carousel, select a candidate from the Manage Candidates page, and then click View Profile. See Manage Candidates - View Profile.

Note: Replies to messages cannot be sent from Manage Candidates. Replies are sent between your and the candidate's email provider.