Manage Candidates - Send Email

With this enhancement, a Send Email option is added to the More drop-down on Manage Candidates and to the actions menu on the applicant carousel. This option lets you email an individual candidate directly from Manage Candidates. Replies can be sent and received from your email provider. A history of the emails can be viewed on Manage Candidates.

To access Manage Candidates, go to Recruit > Manage Candidates.

To send an email:

  1. Check the box next to the candidate's on Manage Candidates.
  2. Click Send Email from the More drop-down on Manage Candidates. Or, click Send Email from the options menu on the applicant carousel. This opens the Send Email flyout. The candidate's name is automatically added to the flyout.

  1. Enter a subject in the Subject field, up to 250 characters.
  2. Enter a message in the Message to candidate field, up to 100,000 characters.
  3. Click Send. Note: Emails from Manage Candidates will go to the recipient, even if a deadbox is configured. This is important to keep in mind for testing the email functionality in Stage or Pilot portals.

The message is sent to the email address on the candidate's profile. Any responses are managed within your and the candidate's email provider and do not occur within Manage Candidates. However, you can view the message threads on the applicant carousel. See Manage Candidates - View Messages.

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