Email on Manage Candidates (Early Adopter) Overview

With this enhancement, a new Send Email option is added to the More drop-down on Manage Candidates and to the options menu on the applicant carousel. This option lets you email an individual candidate directly from Manage Candidates. Replies can be sent and received from your email provider. A history of the emails can be viewed on the applicant carousel on Manage Candidates.


  • Email Delivery to Candidate's Inbox - As part of this feature, steps have been taken to ensure emails come from addresses that do not have reputation issues. This will accelerate delivery and improve the probability that your emails appear in the candidate's inbox. To increase that probability, it is recommended that you use the candidate's name in the email and also use a personal tone.
    • Emails sent from Stage will appear in the candidate’s inbox with the following convention: “Recruiter Name <>”
    • Emails sent from Production will appear in the candidate’s inbox with the following convention: “Recruiter Name <>”
  • Email Delivery to Recruiter's Inbox - If your organization has special email quarantine or spam filters, this may delay or prevent a candidate's replies from appearing in your inbox. To overcome this issue, the IP addresses for the email functionality in Production portals are being shared below. Your IT organization can add the IP addresses to your "allow" list to help ensure candidate replies are not blocked or delayed.

The following features are not available as part of the July '21 release but may be available in a future release:

  • Send emails to suggested referrals
  • Send emails with tags
  • Send bulk emails
  • Send emails with templates
  • Send emails with rich text formatting
  • Add attachments
  • Receive and view attachments from candidates
  • Reply to a candidate’s response from within Manage Candidates
  • Cc and Bcc other recipients
  • Administrator's ability to restrict the Send Email option to users with specific permission
  • Send emails from your own verified domain


This enhancement is in the Early Adopter phase and must be self-enabled in Feature Activation Preferences. See Enable Email on Manage Candidates.

Click here to download the Manage Candidates Starter Guide.

Click here to download the Manage Candidates Adoption Kit.


The following existing permissions apply to this enhancement:

Requisition: Manage Grants ability to access and manage all requisitions regardless of ownership (constraints permitting). This permission also grants read-only access to the Applicant Review tab when creating or editing a job requisition. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade. Recruiting
Requisition: Owner

Enables owner to access requisitions and applicants for requisitions for which they are an owner. This permission also grants read-only access to video interviews that are completed by applicants via HireVue. For portals with Referral Suite enabled, this permission also enables requisition owners to edit the referral source on the Applicant Profile page. This permission cannot be constrained.

Note: This is a dynamically assigned permission that is not available in Security Role Administration. If the user is removed as an owner, the permission is revoked for the associated requisition. This permission cannot be manually assigned. Also, if a user has both the permission necessary to manage requisitions and be a requisition owner, the constraints of the Requisition: Manage permission overrule those of the Requisition: Owner permission. For requisition owners that do not also have permission to manage requisitions, only certain fields are editable when editing a requisition.