With this enhancement, the INSTRUCTOR.LAUNCH.SESSION.LINK tag is available when configuring any of the following email types:

  • ILT Session Becomes Available
  • ILT Session Register
  • Session Start Date
  • Session Changed

If the administrator configuring any of these email types includes the INSTRUCTOR.LAUNCH.SESSION.LINK tag in the body of the email, instructors who receive the email will have access to a link to launch the training for which they are the instructor.

To access Email Administration, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > CORE FUNCTIONS > EMAIL MANAGEMENT. Search for one of the email types supported by this tag and click the Add Email icon next to it.


To include a link that instructors can click to launch the session for which they are the instructor, the administrator can add the INSTRUCTOR.LAUNCH.SESSION.LINK tag to the body of the email. A functional link will replace the tag when the instructor views the email, and the instructor can click the link to launch their session.