Session Changed Email - WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK Tag

With this enhancement, the WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK tag is available when configuring the Session Changed email. This email type is used to notify learners who are registered for a session that a change has been made to that session. If the administrator configuring the email includes the WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK tag in the body of the email, learners who receive the email will see a link to the system page where they can withdraw from the session, if needed.

To access Email Administration, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > CORE FUNCTIONS > EMAIL MANAGEMENT. To configure a template for the Session Changed email, search for the Session Changed email type and click the Add Email icon next to it.

Note: The Session Changed email can also be configured at the session level via Manage Events & Sessions.


To include a link that users can click to withdraw from the session they are registered for, the administrator can add the WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK tag to the body of the email. A functional link will replace the tag when users view the email, and users can click the link to access the page to withdraw from the session.