Prerequisite View in Learning Details

When a learner attempts to request a session with associated prerequisites, but the learner does not yet meet these prerequisite requirements, a pop-up appears, prompting the user to check the item's prerequisites before they request the session.

Prior to this enhancement, clicking the View Prerequisites button in this pop-up for a session redirected the learner to the session flyout, but the session flyout would be anchored to the top, and the learner would need to scroll down the flyout to view the prerequisites.

With this enhancement, when the learner clicks the View Prerequisites button from the Prerequisites pop-up for a session, the learner is redirected to the session flyout, and the flyout is anchored so that the prerequisites are in view. The learner does not need to scroll to see the prerequisites. Note: This enhancement applies to the scenario where there are several prerequisites or several prerequisite options configured.

This UI update helps create a more intuitive experience for learners.

Screen Anchoring for Session Prerequisites


This functionality is automatically enabled for all portals using the Learning module.