Training Removal Tool Enhancements - Users

When creating a training removal job, the second step is to select the users for whom the training is being removed. No changes have been made to the user interface (UI) of this page with the July '21 release, but some new considerations apply to this page.

To create a new training removal job, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Tools > Training Removal Tool. Then, click the Create New Training Removal Job link.

Selected Users

All training items selected for removal will be applied to all the users selected for the training removal job.

  • If a user does not have all of the selected training items on their transcript, they will only be removed from those that do appear on their transcript.
  • It is not possible to select separate user groups for different training items within the same removal job. If different sets of users should be removed from different training items, it is necessary to create separate training removal jobs to achieve this.