Training Removal Tool Enhancements - Status

When creating a training removal job, the third step is to select which statuses the selected training items can be in on a user's transcript in order for the training to be removed. With this enhancement, all applicable transcript statuses are selected by default.

This functionality is NOT available during UAT. It will be made available as a beta in Stage only on August 3, 2021. This functionality will be made available in Production portals with the Oct '21 release.

To create a new training removal job, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Tools > Training Removal Tool. Then, click the Create New Training Removal Job link.

Select Statuses

All applicable statuses for the selected users and selected training items will appear on the Status page with a checkbox. All the checkboxes will be selected by default. To remove a status from the training removal job, uncheck the checkbox next to that specific status. The selected statuses will be applied to all of the training items selected for the training removal job.

It is not possible to select separate statuses for different user groups within the same removal job. If different sets of users should have different transcript statuses removed, it is necessary to create separate training removal jobs to achieve this.

Available statuses are grouped by parent status. For example, the parent status of Pending Observer Completion also includes the child statuses of Pending Observer Completion / Not Available, Pending Observer Completion / Not Available / Past Due, and Pending Observer Completion / Past Due.