Create Tool - CDG, LAX, LHR Swimlanes

Prior to this enhancement, the Create Tool was available to all customers, but it was hosted solely in the United States. This meant that all customer course data was stored in infrastructure located in the United States.

As part of an ongoing effort to allow all customers to store their Create Tool data in the region aligned with their Cornerstone portal, Create Tool course data can now be stored in the following additional data centers:

  • CDG
  • LAX (including LAX secure swimlanes)
  • LHR

More data centers will support Create Tool data storage in the future.

Click here for the Create Tool Starter Guide!


Organizations with Create Tool data stored in this new structure do not currently have the ability to remix a Grovo-branded course. “Remixing” is the process for duplicating a Grovo course and customizing it. This gap will be addressed during a future release.


This feature only currently impacts organizations that purchase the Create Tool after the July '21 release. Customers in the supported regions who have not yet purchased Create Tool can contact their Account Executive for information about purchasing Create Tool.

All existing Create Tool clients will be migrated to the new infrastructure during a future release in 2022.