Key Management - Data Loads

When creating or editing data load configurations, on the Options step, a new Select Key drop-down is now available. This drop-down enables administrators to select the encryption key that is used with the data load configuration. However, the Key selection is not actually saved within the configuration, and the Key must be selected when initiating a data load. This is because PGP keys expire every 180 days and should be selected with each data load to ensure accuracy. This also allows the data load configuration to be used with PGP encrypted files as well as non-encrypted files.

When loading data with an encrypted data file, the Load Results Report for encrypted files will only show record identifiers, not actual values. Administrators with proper access must review the original file to identify errors.

To create a new data import configuration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Select the Configurations panel. Then, select the New Configuration button. This opens the New Configuration flyout, which guides you through a multi-step process to create a new configuration.