Key Management - Data Feeds

When creating or editing data feeds, a new Encryption tab is now available. This enables administrators to select the key that should be used for encrypted data feed files. In addition, a new notification is available to alert administrators when the key associated with the data feed is approaching expiration.

To create a new data feed configuration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Select the Feed Settings panel. Then, select the Create Feed button.

This opens the New Configuration flyout, which guides you through a multi-step process to create a new configuration.


A new Key Expiration notification is available on the Notifications tab. When this notification is selected, then the following notifications are enabled for the data feed:

  • Starting 30 days before the key associated with the data feed expires, a message is added in the normal data feed emails to notify of key expiration.
  • Starting 14 days before the key associated with the data feed expires, a Key Expiration email is delivered every day until the key expires.

If the key expires, then the files in the feed that are encrypted with the feed will fail during feed processing and an error message is displayed in the feed run details and feed emails.


A new Encryption tab is now available when creating or editing a data feed. This tab enables administrators to select and view the encryption key that is used for encrypted files within the data feed.

To select the appropriate key for the data feed, select the Select Key button. The Add Key flyout opens in which you can select the appropriate key from the drop-down and select the Update button. Once the key is selected, it is displayed on the Encryption tab with the corresponding expiry date and owner.

All PGP encrypted files must use the same PGP key.