Skills Profile - Give Endorsement

With this release, users can give other users endorsements on the Skills Profile under the action menu for a given skill. Endorsements are also visible to others in the system to encourage the positive recognition that they carry. An endorsement does not confer a specific judgment about proficiency, but it generally means you are willing to vouch for someone else's proficiency in a certain skill.

To endorse another user's skill, navigate to the user's Universal Profile page. Then, click the Skills tab. In the Current Skills section, select the three-dot menu icon for the appropriate skill and select the Give Endorsement option. A notification is briefly displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen to confirm the action. Note: Currently, users cannot remove an endorsement they have given.

To access another user's Universal Profile - Bio page, select the user's photograph from any page within Universal Profile or from Global Search. From there, you can access the user's Skills Profile page by clicking the Skills tab.