Bulk API Key Management

When importing files with sensitive data using Edge Import or Bulk API, organizations prefer to encrypt the import file, and Cornerstone provides Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for encryption.

Prior to this enhancement, organizations used a PGP key managed by Cornerstone to encrypt their import files. The PGP key expired regularly at two to three years. Organizations using the PGP key relied on Cornerstone to announce the expiry of the key, share the new key, notify organizations to migrate to the new key, and assist in key migration.

With this enhancement, organizations can view and manage their PGP key information within Edge Import. This key is used in Edge Import and Bulk API. Organizations can download their active PGP key, view the key's expiry date, and generate a new PGP key that expires in 180 days. Administrators are notified if a PGP-encrypted file is present in an active Edge Import feed.

This functionality is available in Stage portals as of July 13.

See Edge Import and Bulk API - Key Management - Overview.