End of Support for Hiring Manager Shortlist

With the April ’21 Release, Cornerstone will end support of Hiring Manager Shortlist and support of defects will stop at this time. A deprecation date has not yet been set. Customers that utilize the Hiring Manager Shortlist are encouraged to begin using Request Candidate Feedback to share candidates with hiring managers and other business stakeholders and collect feedback.

With Request Candidate Feedback, recruiters can share candidates in any status, across any requisition. Recruiters can share candidates with the requisition’s hiring manager and applicant reviewers, as well as any business stakeholder in the organization. This flexibility allows recruiters to align with subject matter experts and other key decision makers in the organization.

With Request Candidate Feedback, hiring managers and business stakeholders can see a candidate's resume/CV, answers to prescreening questions, and comments left by the recruiter. Request Candidate Feedback supports the ability to collect an "advance" or "do not advance" vote, as well as comments for the recruiter to read if configured to do so. These comments enable recruiters and the hiring team to better align on key competencies required for a role and a specific candidate's qualifications. The entire experience is mobile-friendly, making the process of reviewing candidate’s and providing feedback faster and more convenient.

Click here to download the Hiring Manager Shortlist Deprecation guide.

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