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Manage Candidates - Permissions Enhancement

With this enhancement, Manage Candidates is enhanced to respect the permissions that are currently available on Manage Applicants. Enhancing permissions helps ensure that customers will have a smooth transition to Manage Candidates without concerns about security and access.

The following permission updates are made:

  • Only users with the Applicants: Add/Move to Requisition - permission can add or move candidates to another requisition on Manage Candidates.
  • Only users with the Applicants: Comments - Manage - permission can add comments on the applicant carousel on Manage Candidates.
  • Only users with the Applicants: Comments - View and Applicants Comments - Manage permissions can view comments on Manage Candidates.

Note: The Applicants: Status Change permission is not impacted. Currently, Manage Candidates can only be accessed by users who have the Requisition: Owner (dynamically assigned) or Requisition: Manage permission, which also allows those users to change a candidate’s status.


Upon implementation of this enhancement, this functionality is available in all portals using Recruiting.


The following existing permissions apply to this enhancement (permission descriptions will be updated upon implementation of this enhancement):

Applicants: Add/Move to Requisition

Grants ability to add or move applicants to requisitions the applicant did not apply for. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, and Grade.

Applicants: Comments - Manage

Grants ability to view and manage comments for applicants.

This permission also defines whether comments posted when an interviewer submits an interview recommendation are posted to the Comments section on the Applicant Profile tab. Note: Interview recommendation comments for interviewers who have this permission display on the Applicant Profile tab. For interviewers who do not have this permission, the comments do not display on the Applicant Profile tab.

Applicants: Comments - View Grants ability to view comments for applicants. Recruiting


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