Candidate Accessibility Enhancements

With this enhancement, features are added to the candidate experience to ensure that candidates using a screen reader are given the proper information to maintain context and understand system behaviors. The following features are added:

  • Apply with LinkedIn Success Notification – When Apply with LinkedIn application data is loaded from LinkedIn successfully, a notification appears to indicate that the data fields updated successfully. Prior to this enhancement, a success message was not provided, which made it difficult to know if the application data was loaded successfully. The confirmation message will be available for all users.
  • EEO Compliance Questions – All Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance questions in mobile-friendly application workflows will now have labels that are accessible by a screen reader.

Use Case

Customers want to ensure that they provide equitable experiences for all candidates, from both an ethical and legal perspective. Accessibility enhancements help ensure that jobs can be identified, applied to, and followed up on by all candidates.


Upon implementation:

  • The Apply with LinkedIn notification is available for all portals using Recruiting and that also have an active account with the Apply With LinkedIn (with Apply Starters).
  • The EEO compliance question enhancement is available for all portals using Recruiting.