Session Approve/Defer Attempt

With this enhancement, when acting on a session approval request through My Team or via the Pending Requests Standard Report, approvers are prevented from approving or deferring a session request when the session registration deadline has passed.

To access My Team, go to My Team > My Team. Then, click the Action Items button to view pending approval requests.

To access the Pending Requests Standard Report, go to Reports > Standard Reports > Track Employees. Then, click Pending Requests to open the report.

Note: Deferring requests is only available in portals for which it is enabled by a backend setting.

Upon clicking Submit on the approval request, a message is visible to approvers, indicating the registration deadline has passed and that it is too late to approve the session or that it cannot be deferred. The request will need to be denied. The user can then request or be assigned to another session.