Enhancement to Prerequisite Exceptions Pop-Up

With this enhancement, the pop-up that appears when a learner requests a session or curriculum without first satisfying any session or curriculum prerequisites has been updated. Instead of a single Continue button that guides learners to submit an exception request, the pop-up now includes updated messaging and prompts to see prerequisites or submit an exception request (if exception requests are allowed for sessions).

Note: For sessions, exception requests must be enabled in order for the Exception Request button to be available to learners. Exception requests for sessions can be disabled per a new enhancement for the April '21 release. This does not apply to curricula. See Turn Off Exception Requests for Session Prerequisites Overview.

When a learner clicks the See Prerequisites button:

  • If there is a single prerequisite, the learner is redirected to the learning details page of the prerequisite.
  • If there are several prerequisites or several prerequisite options, the learner is redirected back to one of the following:
    • The learning details page of the curriculum where the prerequisites display.
    • The session flyout, where the prerequisites display.

Note: The changes to the pop-up only apply to sessions and curricula. The changes do not apply to any other learning objects.


This functionality is available in portals using Learning.