Extended Enterprise - Adjust Inventory

Organizations can leverage the Extended Enterprise inventory system to pre-purchase training and distribute it to their learners. Prior to this enhancement, if an organization purchased too much inventory, it was not possible to release this inventory without the intervention of the support team.

With this enhancement, administrators can adjust their pre-purchased inventory values to reduce the number or training items or instructor-led training (ILT) session seats purchased. Additionally, administrators can now view all inventory purchases for their organization.


  • The value that is reduced is based on available inventory and not on the original purchase number
  • If a refund is necessary as a result of a reduction, the administrator can manage this on the Manage Transactions page. Refunds are not automatic. See
  • For ILT sessions, reducing the inventory automatically updates the number of available seats.
  • When viewing all inventory purchases for an organization, only the administrator who purchased the inventory can assign the inventory. All other administrators can only view the assignments.


  • This functionality is automatically available to all portals using Extended Enterprise and the Learning module.
  • These enhancements add to the functionality on the Inventory Management page. Users must have Inventory - Manage permission to access the Inventory Management page.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Inventory - Update Allows the user to adjust inventory purchases to reduce the total amount of purchased inventory. This is an administrator permission and cannot be constrained. eCommerce
Inventory - View All Allows the user to view all inventory purchases for the entire organization on the Inventory Management page, regardless of who purchased the inventory . eCommerce

The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Inventory - Manage Grants ability to purchase multiple learning object licenses with the intent to assign that training to other users at a later time. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. eCommerce