Leadership & Management Subscription Update

Create stronger managers across your organization with leadership and management training focused on motivating and engaging employees in the modern workplace. With this subscription, teach managers how to rally their employees around a shared vision, make high stakes decisions in the moment, cultivate a positive, outcomes-oriented culture, and develop the systems needed to effectively manage team priorities.

Leadership & Management subscribers will automatically receive the subscription refresh at the April ‘21 Release with the following additions:

  • New topics:
    • Team Supervision (ej4)
    • Management (ej4, MadeCraft)
    • Influencing People (CyberU)
    • Virtual Leadership (ej4)
    • Virtual Human Resources (ej4)
    • Returning to Work (CyberU)
    • Dealing with Difficult Employees (CyberU, ej4)
    • Documenting Performance Issues (ej4)
  • New Provider:
    • Skillshub

2021 Content Refresh Schedule

Click here to see the Content Anytime subscription updates planned for April '21.