Reporting on Event and Session Provider

Changing the provider on an event and having different sessions tied to different providers for the same event could impact the data that is included in reporting.

Reporting 2.0 and Custom Reports - Training Provider Filter

When creating a report in Reporting 2.0 or Custom Reports, if one or more sessions for an event are tied to one provider, and one or more sessions of the event are tied to another provider, some sessions will not appear in reporting if the report is filtered by Training Provider and does not include all providers in the filter.

To ensure all providers are included in a report when filtering by Training Provider, be sure to add all providers to the filter.

Or you can choose not to filter by Training Provider to ensure data for all providers of an event or session is included in the report.

Standard Reports - Provider Filter

For standard reports that only allow one provider to be included in the report, such as the Interest Tracking report, filtering the report by provider will only return data that is tied to that provider. Data associated to any other providers that are tied to the event or session will not be in the report.

If you would like to ensure that data on all providers tied to the event or session is included in the report, then the Provider filter should not be used.

Note: The name of the filter appears as Provider or Vendor, depending on the report. Both filters have the same meaning.