Viewing Reporting API Documentation

Prior to this update, customers who attempted to view their Reporting API documentation through their portal would have a custom view loaded for the Reporting API. In some cases, the documentation would be empty or outdated, requiring the public API documentation to have to be discovered outside of the portal.

With this patch, customers who view API documentation through their portal will have the same visibility as customers who do so through the public API explorer. This has two implications for customers:

  1. Customers can access views that apply to products that they have not yet purchased.
  2. Customers are no longer able to see customized, portal-specific field-level values in the API documentation. Instead, the /services/api/x/odata/api/views/$metadata endpoint should be used by developers to pull portal-specific information.

This functionality was released with the March 19 patch.


This functionality is automatically enabled for organizations that have access to Edge.