Skills Profile - Skills-based Training Recommendations

With this enhancement, skills-based learning recommendations are now available in the Skills Details panel of the Skills Profile.

Users can select a specific skill on the profile and then see a carousel of relevant training. The training is presented two-at-a-time with an image in a carousel, which can be browsed using arrows with a limit of 15. Users can select the training tile to view the Learning Details page for that training. Users can select the Show all link above the carousel to navigate to the Learning Search page with the skill name pre-loaded as the search parameter.

For this release, the recommendations are based on Content Anytime skill tags and Learning search. If a customer has Content Anytime and there is content tagged to the particular skill, those trainings would be recommended first. After that, or if there is not Content Anytime training with skill tags available, training is recommended based on the Learning Search API with the skill name as the search parameter.

To view the Skill Details for a skill, navigate to the Skills Profile page. Then, select the skill name of a skill in your profile. See Skills Profile.