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Capabilities Preferences - Proficiency Levels Localization

With this enhancement, administrators can now localize the name and description of their proficiency levels. This enables organizations to provide a complete experience for users who do not use the portal's default culture.

If multiple languages are enabled for the portal, a Language drop-down is available above the proficiency level names and descriptions on the Proficiency Levels page and when editing the proficiency levels. Select a language from this drop-down to provide localized Name and Description values for the selected language.

  • The number of levels and level order should be the same across all cultures and should only be set in the default culture.
  • The level name field is required for the default culture.
  • Because level names are not required in every culture, any blank values will automatically show the level name in the default culture to end users.

To edit Proficiency Levels in Capabilities Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Preferences. The Proficiency Levels tab is selected by default.

The default levels can be modified. To modify the proficiency level labels, add or remove levels, or edit level descriptions, select the Edit Proficiency Levels button.


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