Capabilities Library - Filters

With this enhancement, administrators can apply filters to their Capabilities Library to focus on specific capabilities. This removes the noise of inactive capabilities and helps bring drafts to the top so they can be ready to publish to employees.

A new Filters link is available to the left of the Sort drop-down menu. Select this link to view and apply filters to the Capabilities Library. A Filters flyout opens.

In the Filters flyout, the following options are available:

  • Clear All / Select All - Select these links to either select all available Status and Source options or to remove all selections.
  • Status - In this section, select one or more statuses to view only capabilities in the selected statuses. By default, Draft and Active are selected.
  • Source - In this section, select one or more sources to view only capabilities from the selected sources. By default, all sources are selected.

To access the Capabilities Library, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Library.