Edge Import - Learning Load Enhancement (ILT Transcript Loads)

Prior to this enhancement, if a learner’s transcript status for a session was imported as "Cancelled," the status for the entire session was also updated to "Cancelled."

With this enhancement, only the session in the learner’s transcript will be imported as "Cancelled," and the status for the entire session is not impacted.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import - Historical LMS Starter Guide.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the ILT Transcript data load in Edge Import. Template Guides are available in Edge Import to assist with load setup.


The following existing permission is updated and applies to this functionality:

Access LMS - ILT Transcripts Load Grants access to the ILT Transcripts data load via Edge Import. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge Import