Edge Import – Employee/OU Loads and Feed for HR (Early Adopter)

Employee and Organizational Unit (OU) data is a foundational piece to the Cornerstone ecosystem of products.

With this release, Cornerstone is extending the Edge Import support for employee and OU data loads and feeds to Cornerstone HR customers.

Edge Import now provides the following features for Cornerstone HR organizations:

  • Effective dating of user records
  • Advanced audit generation
  • Auto-generation of User Id's
  • Duplicate record detection

Administrators with the appropriate permission can also perform the following tasks:

  • Download a template guide for employee and OU data.
  • Configure employee and OU data import templates.
  • Validate employee and OU loads.
  • Load employee and OU data in bulk.
  • Include employee and OU file types during feed setup.
  • Execute manual feeds with employee and OU data.
  • Run the DLW to Edge Import migration tool.

This functionality is available in Stage portals as of April 13.

How Does This Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement provides additional functionality to support Cornerstone HR customers.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import User & OU Loads and Feeds Starter Guide.

Use Case

Scarlett is an administrator who is responsible to manage personnel information (employee and other talent related data) within the Cornerstone portal for Acme Corporation. Acme currently has several integrated 3rd party systems that have employee-related data. These are interconnected via APIs and bulk data interfaces to keep their employee details correctly synchronized.

Scarlett is primarily responsible for keeping the Cornerstone system updated with company and employee data maintained in Peoplesoft, which is also their system of record. She can maintain data in two ways:

  1. For all data that gets updated at a set cadence, she creates and manages automated import/feed into Cornerstone using the Edge Import - Configure Feed feature.
  2. For data that requires changes on demand and does not have a set pattern or frequency to the changes, she performs one time imports.

Scarlett is able to keep track of all of her executed and completed loads and feeds over time by navigating to the Imports and Feeds page and filtering the list just for her activities. She is also able to view a summary (success, errors, and warnings) for any load/feed by navigating to the details page for a specific load/feed or by selecting the link she receives in her email.

With this new enhancement to Edge Import, Scarlett is able to successfully manage the data feeds and one-time imports in bulk for employee and OU data from Peoplesoft to Cornerstone.


  1. With the early adopter, User ID must be used as the primary key to create and update user records.
  2. Max file size: 100K rows, 150 columns
  3. For more robust performance, Cornerstone recommends performing Delta data loads and feeds for robust performance and throughput.
  4. Employees new to the system must be created with a blank (or unmapped) Effective Date.
  5. Multiple changes for an employee can be loaded in the same file with different Effective Dates.
  6. When updating existing employees, Effective Date should be provided to ensure data accuracy. If Effective Date is not provided, the change will be processed with a date "As Of Now." "As Of Now" date is determined based on the Employee Record's Timezone, the Employee's Location OU, and the portal's default Timezone.
  7. When using the Auto Generate User ID feature, Cornerstone recommends not mapping "User ID," "Effective Date," and "Reason For Change" columns. This will ensure that each record in the file is created as a new employee and will each receive an Auto Generated User ID.


  • Edge Import is available to all organizations.
  • For migration, use the self-service Edge Import (EI) DLW migration tool to migrate the feed setup from DLW to EI. Disable DLW before using El to bulk import employee and OU data.
  • Organizations must activate the Edge Import via the Edge Integrate Marketplace. See Marketplace - Browse Edge Integrations.

This functionality is available in Stage portals as of April 13.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Access Edge Import Grants access to the Edge Import tool, which enables administrators to load data into their portal. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge Import
Set up Feed Enables administrator to access the Feed Settings page where the administrator can create and update feeds and schedule feeds. This permission does not grant the ability to activate feeds or manually run feeds. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge Import