Edge Import - Online Course Assets Loads

With this enhancement, a new load type is now available for Edge Import, which can be used to upload and publish content files, including metadata. Organizations can use the new Online Course Assets load to import and publish multiple courses in their portal without needing to initiate a custom project or requiring Cornerstone resources.

The template for this load type is similar to the template for Online Course Metadata loads but includes a new required Filename field. Course package file names specified in this new column and the corresponding content zip files should be placed in the customer’s FTP used by Cornerstone. Once the load is complete, the online courses will be in a published status in the Course Catalog.

Supported Content Asset Types:

  • AICC
  • SCORM (all SCORM versions such as 1.1, 1.2, 2004)
  • xAPI
  • The file must be in a *.zip format and contain no more than 2 GB content size. Online Course Assets load files can contain a maximum of 2,000 records.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement provides self-service ability for organizations to bulk publish online courses, including metadata, without Cornerstone involvement.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import - Historical LMS Starter Guide.


  • Versioning and "Draft" status are not supported with this enhancement.
  • If the courses require versioning, the versioning process should be completed using portal functionality (Course Publisher or Content Uploader).
  • Only one Online Course Assets load can be in progress at a time. Please wait for the current load to complete before initiating another load of this type.
  • The content file size supported by Edge Import is 2GB, which is more than the size supported by Course Publisher (250MB) and Content Uploader (750MB).
    • When versioning or replacing a course published in Edge Import that is larger than the file sizes supported by Course Publisher and Content Uploader, deactivate the old version and create a new course using Edge Import.
    • Existing published online courses cannot be updated or versioned. To update existing online courses or import translations/localizations with the online course ID, use the Online Course Metadata load.
    • Once the import is complete, the file remains in the FTP folder.


The new Online Course Assets load type is included with Edge Import: Learning Loads. Customers who have Online Course Metadata Loads enabled in their portal will have the Online Course Assets Load type available by default.

Access to this new load type is controlled by the new “Access LMS - Online Course Assets Load” permission.

Online Course Assets loads require a separate dedicated folder, LMS/OnlineCourse, to be set up on the FTP site used by Cornerstone; customers should create this folder manually prior to using this new load type. Template Guides are available in Edge Import to assist with load setup.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Access LMS - Online Course Assets Load Grants access to the Online Course Assets data load via Edge Import. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge Import

Security Roles

Upon release, the new Access LMS - Online Course Assets Load permission is automatically granted to the default System Administrator role if Edge Import: Learning Loads is enabled. Administrators must grant this permission to other roles, if necessary.