Deprecation of Learning Loads for Data Load Wizard (DLW) with the February '22 Release

Ability to perform learning data loads using Data Load Wizard will be deprecated with an end-of-life in the February ‘22 Release. End-of-support will occur in 2021 and support for defects related to the DLW learning loads will stop at this time, exact date to be determined. DLW is a legacy data load tool which was built on older technology, is accessed using an older user interface UI, and experiences slow performance and limited load type support.

Edge Import addresses these issues with a modern UI and an intuitive workflow that can support a greater number of concurrent loads, while providing administrators with a delightful user experience.

Existing customers who are ready to migrate to Edge Import can enable it in the Edge Marketplace and review the migration and starter guides to help them through the migration steps. All customers are required to complete their migrations before the February ‘22 Release which will be the end-of-life date for DLW learning data loads.

Edge Import Documentation

See Edge Import Homepage.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Edge Import - Historical LMS Starter Guide.