Data Exporter - Add Zulu Offset to DateTime Fields in the CSV Export

Currently, there is an incongruity between how DateTime fields are presented in the CSV and JSON outputs from the Data Exporter. In the JSON output the DateTime fields include the Zulu offset, while in the CSV output they do not.

With the April 2021 release, Cornerstone is adding the Zulu offset to DateTime fields in the CSV export from the Data Exporter to ensure that there is parity between the CSV and JSON outputs.

DateTime Fields Before Change DateTime Fields After Change

JSON = "2008-09-22T14:01:54.9571247Z"

CSV ="2008-09-22T14:01:54.9571247"

JSON = "2008-09-22T14:01:54.9571247Z"

CSV ="2008-09-22T14:01:54.9571247Z"


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Data Exporter.

This functionality is available in Stage portals as of April 13.