Reporting 2.0 - Report Automation Enhancements - Overview

With this enhancement, scheduling and user experience updates are made to Reporting 2.0 to enhance the report delivery, refresh, and snapshot features. These updates are designed to reduce the manual effort when managing reporting data.

  • The Delivery panel is renamed Automation Settings. This panel is still available by clicking the calendar icon on the Builder tab.
  • A Queue this report on a schedule option is added to the delivery options on the Automation Settings panel.
  • An Include in Automation option is added for each user on the Select Users flyout when selecting the users to share the report.
  • Users can now select the file type when queuing a report for download on the Reporting 2.0 homepage.
  • Each report that appears in the queued report pop-up on the Reporting 2.0 homepage will have an icon next to it to indicate whether the report was generated manually or is a queued report.


Upon implementation of this enhancement, this functionality is available in all portals using Reporting 2.0.

Click here to download the Reporting 2.0 Starter Guide.


For information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

  • Permissions in Reporting 2.0 - This provides detailed information about Reporting 2.0 permissions.
  • Permissions List - This provides the list of permissions and their relationships so that you know the specific permissions users need to create and view reports.