"View Resume" Renamed to “View Profile” on Manage Candidates

With this enhancement, the View Resume button on Manage Candidates is renamed View Profile. The purpose of this update is to change the button name to a term that is more universally used and that communicates the functionality of the button more fully.

There are no functionality changes to the button. Clicking View Profile will still display the candidate's resume details, pre-screening questions, comments, etc.

Use Case

  1. Lucy is a recruiter at Acme Co. and is considering 10 candidates for a Sales role.
  2. Lucy gathers some basic information about each candidate from the Manage Candidates table, but she would like to take a closer look at each to determine which candidates to disposition and which to move to the next stage in the hiring process.
  3. Lucy selects the 10 candidates.
  4. Lucy clicks View Profile, which opens a more detailed view of each candidate, with the ability to gather additional information (comments, answers to pre-screening questions, etc.) and to take actions (change status, manage flags, etc.).


Upon implementation, this functionality is available for all portals using Recruiting.