Share Anonymized Candidates When Requesting Feedback - Overview

Prior to this enhancement, hiring managers were unable to review an anonymized version of a candidate's resume and application unless the candidate was in a New Submission status. This made it challenging for recruiters to move candidates through the recruiting process, while simultaneously collecting feedback in a way that reduced unconscious bias.

With this enhancement, the Request Feedback feature on Manage Candidates is updated to allow candidates to be shared in an anonymized state with hiring managers and business stakeholders. This enables candidates to be reviewed solely on their skills, experience, and certifications in an effort to reduce the possibility of bias based on a candidate's name, gender, or location.

How Does This Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Recruiters can get unbiased observations about a candidate’s skills, experience, and certifications
  • This feature is a tool to help reduce unconscious bias and create a more diverse workplace

Use Case

A recruiter at ACME is hiring an account manager. The recruiter has just interviewed five candidates and wants to share them with the hiring manager. Each candidate is in a First Phone Interview status. To reduce the chance that the hiring manager's unconscious bias impacts their feedback, the recruiter decides to anonymize all candidates before requesting feedback. When the hiring manager clicks the link to review the shared candidates, each candidate's name is replaced with a number and all personal information is redacted from their resumes.


Upon implementation, this enhancement is available for all portals using Recruiting.